Club Zukunft
Dienerstr.asse 33
8004 Zürich
Radio Futura

Club Zukunft
Dienerstrasse 33
8004 Zürich

MO 24 04 17 19h, Bar3000 offen ab 18h, 18.–
Comedy in der Zukunft: Charles Nguela, Andreas Weber, Daniel Blum, Moderation: Zukkihund

Einer unserer liebsten Stammgäste, Charles Nguela, ist politisch inkorrekt eingestellt und offensichtlich optimal pigmentiert. In seinem Programm «Schwarz-Schweiz» lässt der junge Aargauer mit kongolesischen Wurzeln kein Klischee aus. Wir freuen uns auf ihn.
Wäsche waschen, Essen kochen, Klamotten kaufen. Frauensache? «Ganz sicher nicht!», weiss Single-Dad Andreas Weber, der als frischgebackener Junggeselle vor den Herausforderungen der Erziehung zweier pubertierender Söhne steht. In seinem nunmehr ersten Solo-Programm wird Andreas zum Ratgeber für geschundene Männer-Nerven und bieten der Frauenwelt Einblicke in die Psyche des angeblich starken Geschlechts.
Daniel Blum macht musikalisches Stand-Up-Kabarett. Er verpackt den alltäglichen Wahnsinn in liederlich vorgetragene Ukulele-Songs: Hintergründiger Humor, der sich bei Gelegenheit in den Vordergrund drängt.
Der Zukkihund ist ein geistig behinderter, sibirischer Husky. Seine Hobbies sind Tanzen, Reiten, Lesen, Drogen und Pilates. Er ist Mitgründer von «Comedy in der Zukunft». Das Heroin hat ihm sehr über seine Alkoholsucht hinweggeholfen, weswegen er sich stark für die Rechte afghanischer Mohnbauern einsetzt.



24 04 17
Comedy in der Zukunft

MO 24 04 17
Comedy in der Zukunft: Charles Nguela, Andreas Weber, Daniel Blum, Moderation: Zukkihund

25 04 17
The Legendary Lightness

DI 25 04 17
Plattentaufe: The Legendary Lightness, im Kaufleuten

26 04 17
Oum Shatt

MI 26 04 17
Bukowski: Konzert: Oum Shatt (Berlin), DJ Sasquatsch

27 04 17

DO 27 04 17
DOSCI: 8 Jahre Audiotheque mit Boris Why, Huazee, Robel, Rodri

28 04 17

FR 28 04 17
Unite Family: Butch (Otherside, Rekids, Visionquest, D), Jimi Jules (Zukunft Rec.), Ezikiel, Joram

29 04 17
Talaboman aka John Talabot & Axel Boman

SA 29 04 17
The Night Land: Talaboman aka John Talabot (Hivern Discs, Barcelona) und Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus, Stockholm)

03 05 17
All XS

MI 03 05 17
Bukowski: Konzert: All XS (Oh Sister Rec., Zürich/Bern), DJs Mad Factory Players

04 05 17

DO 04 05 17
DOSCI: Gallo „allnightlove“

05 05 17

FR 05 05 17
Spezialmaterial & Lustpoderosa: Dollkraut (Dischi Autunno, NL), Jack Pattern (Lustpoderosa, Drumpoet, ZH), Cio (Spezialmaterial, ZH)

06 05 17
Der White Rauschen

SA 06 05 17
Rumpelnacht: Der White Rauschen live, Dario Rohrbach, Kalabrese

06 05 17
Obenuse Fest

SA 06 05 17
Obenuse Fest III: 25 Bands in 5 Locations

10 05 17
The Pack A.D

MI 10 05 17
Bukowski: The Pack A.D (Kanada), DJ Kay-Zee

11 05 17
Pasci & Alessandro Crimi

DO 11 05 17
DOSCI: Pasci (Friedas Büxe) & Alessandro Crimi

12 05 17
Tim Engelhardt

FR 12 05 17
Cologne Extra: Tim Engelhardt, Marcel Janovsky, Sampayo

13 05 17
The Golden Filter

SA 13 05 17
The Golden Filter live (Optimo Music, London/NYC), Jimi Jules (Zukunft Rec.), Alex Dallas (Drumpoet, Zukunft)

17 05 17
Apollo Static & The Interstellar Dust

MI 17 05 17
Bukowski: Apollo Static & The Interstellar Dust (Ketzerpop), DJ Apollo Static

18 05 17
Nicola Kazimir & Kalabrese

DO 18 05 17
DOSCI: Nicola Kazimir, Kalabrese

19 05 17

FR 19 05 17
Futura : Lexx (Phantom Island), Manuel Fischer (Ozelot Ltd.), Ron Shiller (Fuga Ronto)

19 05 17
The Holydrug Couple

FR 19 05 17
Bukowski: Konzert: The Holydrug Couple (Sacred Bones, Chile)

20 05 17
The Drifter

SA 20 05 17
Loud Minority : The Drifter (Maeve, Berlin/Dublin), Sentiment (Miras)

24 05 17

MI 24 05 17
Bukowski Dance: HOVE (Light of Other Days), Dubois (Spiracles_LES)

25 05 17
Eli Verveine

DO 25 05 17
DOSCI: Eli Verveine (Tardis) & Pochatz

26 05 17
The Analogue Cops

FR 26 05 17
Unite Family presents Memento Records: The Analogue Cops live (I), Idriss D (Memento Rec, Barcelona), Kalabrese (Rumpelmusig), Ezikiel (Cadenza)

27 05 17
Acid Pauli

SA 27 05 17
Acid Pauli (Notwist, Ouie, Berlin), John Player

29 05 17
Comedy in der Zukunft

MO 29 05 17
Comedy in der Zukunft: Kilian Ziegler, Christian Weiss, Pony M., Zukkihund, Moderation: Herr Richiger

31 05 17
Dirty Slips

MI 31 05 17
Bukowski: Konzerte: Dirty Slips (ZH), Blind Butcher (LU)

02 06 17

FR 02 06 17

03 06 17
The Block

SA 03 06 17
The Block

10 06 17
Acid Arab

SA 10 06 17
Acid Arab

15 06 17
Kikagaku Moyo

DO 15 06 17
Spezialmaterial & Bukowski: Konzert: Kikagaku Moyo (Japan)

23 06 17
Thomas Melchior

FR 23 06 17
Thomas Melchior

24 06 17
Mira & Chris Schwarz­wälder

SA 24 06 17
Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder

03 08 17

DO 03 08 17


Theo Parrish is worshipped in some certain circles like a messiah. His releases on his own Sound Signature label, his productions together with Moodymann, his raw reworks on his Ugly Edits imprint, or his über-legendary DJ gigs, are all expressions of his significance in the history of his homeown and Detroit Techno as a genre. A visionary mind with a traditional conscience.

Theo Parrish, which song do you listen to when...
Theo Parrish by Violette Esmerald
Theo Parrish by Violette Esmerald

you feel like 1982?
→ ♫ Man Parrish - Boogie Down Bronx
I don't really ever feel like 1982. But let me think about it. I'm not sure if it was released that year but it sure makes me feel like it: Man Parrish's «Boogie Down Bronx».

you come home from the club?
— Silence. I don't want any noise. Like if it's me coming home from playing I don't wanna hear nothing. If I come home from a club where somebody else was playing it depends if I had a good night out. Sometimes I come home – and if I had a really bad night with somebody playing some bullshit – I make a new track myself!

you camp in the desert?
→ ♫ The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt

you go to a club?
Well, there's no particular songs but a lot of times if I walk into a club and the DJ is playing records and is really giving it then I'm thinking: «Here's a thing!». But if I can identify more than four songs in his set, the chances are high I'm not having that good of a time. I like going to places where I'm hearing stuff I never heard before. NEVER heard before! Stuff that inspires me to go out and go record shopping. Just a guy coming in playing stuff that is exclusive that doesn't really do anything for me. That's like: «Okay that's great. Cool, you got some shit nobody else got. But is it coming out? When can it be shared?» What's interesting to me: Share that shit! That's when I get excited. For instance when I recently saw DJ Spinna in Amsterdam. He brought a iPod-mixer with him and the thing broke and wouldn't work. He had to play the whole set with his funk 45s. And it was the best set I ever heard him play. Best set I ever heard anybody play actually. He played the whole set of stuff I never heard before! I was loving it! Now, not everybody can handle that. Some people that night were acting funny, but for me it was like it should supposed to be. It even made me start looking for rare funk 45s myself now. 

you cook?
— There's no song. Just sound of food and probably me talking to my wife.

you run from the cops?
— Shit, when I run from the cops I gotta turn the sound off. You gotta turn those lights down and got to be careful!

you want to disturb your neighbours?
→ ♫ Bad Brains - Rock For Light
Or something by Notorious B.I.G.

you drive a car late at night?
— James Brown
That's for driving fast. For not driving fast I listen to anything, except the radio. I don't listen to the radio that much. I do from time to time just to see what's out there, cuz every once in a while there's something interesting out there. But generally I don't listen to it anymore. Nowadays I'm also not so much interested in new music anymore. I mainly listen to old stuff – discovering old tunes almost every single day.

you watch girls go by?
→ ♫ B.B. King - Sweet Sixteen
I might sound like a pedophile, but watching girls walk by is a B.B. King moment. For instance «Sweet Sixteen».

you jog?
— Mobb Deep
I don't go jogging! I'm a fat slob. The question should be what I listen to when I box. Nothing corny like the theme from Rocky or shit like that. I rather go for anything by Mobb Deep.

you are love sick?
→ ♫ Gang Starr - Ex Girl To Next Girl

you make love?
— A skipping record. When the record goes off and it's just the needle going round...

you play ping-pong?
→ ♫ Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game
You know, I don't play ping pong and if I did play ping pong I think the perfect soundtrack for it would be: «Computer Game». A really good ping pong track!

you sit in a plane?
— Common
I like Common on planes. And listening to new productions while travelling is always fun.

you have to spend a night in a spooky hotel?
— No music! I like to face the scary stuff straight up.

you sit in the subway?
— We don't have a subway in Detroit. But I know what I used to listen when I was in high school when I was sitting on the bus. I used to listen to mixes. Any mix I was working on right at that point.

you wake up?
— There's no song. I don't listen to a song when I get up in the morning. What I hear though is the TV my wife turned on... So when I hear her up it's time for me to get up as well.

you work in the garden?
— Just the sound of a lawn mower.

best Stevie Wonder song
— There is no! It's impossible to narrow it down to just one song. There is no such thing as a best Stevie tune! There are plenty that do it for different moods. For me, Stevie Wonder is the most complete artist ever. There are a lot of genius in the history of music but nobody comes close to Stevie in his completeness as an artist. His album «Songs In The Key Of Life» is absolute essential listen to anybody who loves muic. It's everything music is all about!

your boozed up anthem
→ ♫ Ol' Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
That track gets me excited. It's the one for me to get fucked up to and wildin' out to.

perfect anthem for Chicago
→ ♫ James Brown - Body Heat

perfect anthem for Detroit
→ ♫ P-Funk Allstars - Hydraulic Pump

record you were looking for the longest
→ ♫ Atmosfear - Motivation
Well, I was looking for this one record for about 16 years, acrually since I was 18. It's Atmosfear's first 12", called «Motivation». That's just one of them. There are too many I was and still am looking for. I try to go record digging everywhere I am. It's definitely an obsession with me.

a record you fell in love to
→ ♫ Floetry - Say Yes

first record you remember
→ ♫ Stevie Wonder - I Wish
I was 5 years old when I first heard it.

the song to be played at your funeral
— I don't like that question. I leave that to my loved ones.

a song that evokes the greatest summer of your life
→ ♫ Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The 36 Chambers (LP)
It's so funny. The time I was having my best summer so so far, music was in a very, very distant place. Maybe a bit of Public Enemy?... No! There was another good summer. And there was music! When the first album by the Wu-Tang Clan came out. That whole summer was great!

your ultimate heartbreak song
→ ♫ Stevie Wonder - Summer Soft

your party anthem
→ ♫ Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It
That's an easy quetion. The song that works over and over and over again: «Can You Feel It». No matter what, you play that at any party anywhere in the world – except Chicago – and people go crazy! But actually I don't bring those type of songs anymore with me. Cuz I'm quite tired of playing them.

a song you wish you'd written yourself
→ ♫ James Brown - Ain't It Funky
That's a crazy question. Because if there ever was a song that I wish I'd made myself I just would've made it. I'd just do a cover. So this is a very strange question to me. There is a song I wish I was in the recording session though: «Ain't It Funky».

Theo Parrish by Violette Esmerald
Theo Parrish by Violette Esmerald

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Der Zürcher Adrian Hoenicke ist freischaffender Journalist und Werbetexter, vorallem aber ist er ein leidenschaftlicher Musikliebhaber und führte von 2006 - 2011 das wunderbare Magazin FINGER, dass auch heute noch online existiert. Das besondere Merkmal dieser Interviews ist, dass die Künstler zu alltäglichen Situationen nach der passenden Musik befragt werden.

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